Operating during Coronavirus

This is an unsettling time for everyone. Every day is bringing more changes and all of us are having to adapt in some way. The safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority right now and we are closely following government advice to make the best decisions for our staff, customers and suppliers. That said, we would like to let you know how we are handling things at Luxenta Cleaning.

UK Government allows cleaning service operations


Firstly to reassure you that according to the UK Government data we can continue to operate until further notice: “Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms.” They will, however, need to maintain a 2-metre distance from any household occupants to ensure everyone’s safety. Here is the link for reference.


We check the information from the British Cleaning Council (BCC), Gov.uk, and the NHS on a daily basis, strictly following all guidelines – doing our best to keep the hygiene at the highest standard so we can protect our customers and ourselves. As Members of Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA) we receive relevant information on the subject of cleaning. The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) have compiled instructions regarding how they believe cleaning should be carried out at this time on the occasions of an outbreak or suspected outbreak of COVID-19, along with following the general advice and high standard of cleaning. Luxenta Cleaning is also certified from Safer Trader as Covid Secure cleaning company. 

Organising the Cleaning. Protecting our Staff and Customers

Maintaining a 2-Metre Distance From Any Household Occupants

Taking into consideration the lockdown measures we mainly operate in homes, which are vacated by the customers during the cleaning to minimise the contact and adhere to social distancing. This is possible as some of our customers are still going to work. Some customers isolate in a room during the cleaning to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Giving The Cleaners the Choice To Work or Don’t Work

The cleaners have the right to decide if they are comfortable to continue working at this time or take time off. We consider them as family and fully support the decision for their wellbeing.

Keeping Our Staff Safe 

To minimise the risk to our cleaners and customers health, all cleaners have been provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) – as disposable gloves, masks, aprons, arm sleeves. 

Adhering To Highest Hygiene 

The cleaners are advised to clean their shoes when they enter the house and also to wash their hands thoroughly when they arrive and leave the house. We frequently use alcohol based hand gel. No handshaking as well. All working clothes and shoes are disinfected on a daily basis. All mobile devices, keys and all other frequently used items are regularly sanitised

Travelling Responsibly To and From Work

Our cleaners wear PPE and keep a safe distance from others when out and about. We also follow the rule of social distancing outside of work and suspend all travelling abroad.

Checking On The Cleaners Wellbeing Daily 

Making sure that they do not have flu like symptoms and haven’t been to high risk area. The cleaners are responsible to perform daily body temperature checks 

 In Case Of Any Signs of Illness

If any of our cleaners show any signs of illness they will self isolate, contacting the office straight away. We will then contact all customers to let them know so they are aware of the situation and can take care of themselves and their families. That means the cleaner won’t be able to work for at least 14 days. We provide replacement cleaners in case of illness or holiday leave.

On the subject of the cleaning process

The cleaning needs to be systematic and consistent so as to reduce cross-contamination of surfaces, general cleaning solutions such as soapy water (a washing-up liquid equivalent is what is used in many healthcare settings) are suggested. And touch-points (such as door handles and stair-rails, remote controls, light switches) need to be cleaned regularly.

Please be advised that your regular cleaner may not have the time to pay full attention to these areas whilst carrying out your usual cleaning routine (especially as some tasks are on rotation). We will let you know if booking some extra time is required to take care of these areas more thoroughly. The general advice is that you need to continue the cleaning process on a regular basis, in between the cleaning visits.

The Main Rules We Follow. Advice for Customers, who self isolate

✅ Main hygiene instructions – wash hands with warm water and hand soap, use antibacterial gel, do not touch your face. 

✅ Clean all door handles and touch points as stair rails, light switches, window handles (on a daily basis if possible).

✅ Clean all gadgets as handsets, phones, remote controls, computer keyboards etc (on a daily basis if possible).

✅ Open windows and let some fresh air in throughout the day.

✅ Change bed linen once a week.

✅ Change hand and bath towels frequently.

✅ Wash clothing at 60 C where possible as per the care instructions.

✅ Sun dry your clothing outside or tumble dry them where possible as per the care instructions.

✅ Sanitise sinks on a daily basis.

✅ Sanitise toilets on a daily basis.

✅ Cleaning products should only ever be stored & used in strict compliance with the manufacturers instructions;

✅ Ensure adequate ventilation of all areas where cleaning products are being handled and used;
✅ Checking & adhering to correct dilution rates at all times, bearing in mind the rates given are sometimes variable, depending on the task in hand. Only COLD water should be used to dilute cleaning products, unless instructions state otherwise;

✅ Avoid spraying directly at surfaces, which is applied in the General Cleaning anyway.

✅ Before disinfecting, good cleaning needs to be carried out first. This should end with a thorough rinsing of surface, so as to safeguard the health of people who touch those surfaces and to minimise the potential for a disinfectant to react with the cleaning product.

✅ Colour coded system in place to avoid cross contamination – usage of microfibre cleaning clothes and tools divided in the different areas: 2 pair of gloves (for kitchen and bathroom), enough microfibre cleaning clothes (which will be divided and used on different areas by colour coded system);

At Luxenta Cleaning, our main priority is to protect our community (our staff, customers and suppliers) from the spread of this virus, whilst supporting our customers’ needs for a healthy home (with sanitising and disinfecting all surfaces). All of our cleaners are well at the moment with no symptoms of illness. We are all dedicated to stopping this pandemic to the best of our abilities – personally and professionally.

Let us know please if you have any questions. Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes

Luxenta Cleaning