For all of you who use your oven at least once a day for baking or cooking a meal, we would like to introduce an easy and chemical free way to clean the oven properly, providing that you are not from the lucky ones who own a self-cleaning oven.

The chemical products that you can purchase in the shops could lead to ill effects on your health if they are not washed off thoroughly. And it takes a really long time for soaking – at least overnight, to get the best results. But despair not!

Here is our secret for Oven Cleaning:

All you need is baking soda, water and vinegar. Very green and quite cheap as well. No other cleaning products are required.

  • Simply mix the ingredients and apply the solution well everywhere.
  • Turn on the oven at 100 C for 45 minutes, placing inside the bowl with the rest of the mixture.
  • Afterwards it’s a matter of washing off the solution and you get a sparkling new oven.

Recommendation: Treat the oven more regularly (at least 3/4 times a month) to keep on top of it.

Keep calm and enjoy cooking!

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