Keeping your house clean and organised makes it a pleasant and hygienic place for your family to live in. However, trying to keep the house spotless and tidy is not an easy task. If you have no cleaning routine, it can feel like valuable time is taken from your busy schedule.

Great tips for keeping your space at home clean and tidy

Getting professional cleaners to do the house chores (perhaps on a weekly cleaning schedule) can largely reduce your stress. If you’re looking to get into great cleaning habits, follow our guide.

Clean as you go:

Don’t save up the chores for next time, or the next day. If you go by the ‘Clean as you go’ philosophy then you would save yourself the daunting task of cleaning up piles of dishes, filthy or messy kitchen and piles of unwashed clothes. So try multitasking whilst you are talking over the phone, watching television, talking to your children. Glance around the room, de-clutter the table, toss a load of laundry in the washing machine, sort out the piles of letters and throw the unnecessary extras into the bin. You will be surprised how you can stop a mess from building up by simply multitasking on a daily basis.

Clear the Clutter:

If you can get rid of the unnecessary items in the living room, table, fridge etc., then you can reduce your house cleaning task to less than half. It is easier to clean a room that is de-cluttered. A quick wipe of the table is only possible if you don’t have to rummage over pencils, pens and papers lying around. Look through your refrigerator, throw away all the expired food rather than wait for them to rot. Anything that is piled up, stacked or heaped needs a good look through to see what needs to go into the recycling bin and what needs to be kept. Discard outdated magazines and throw away any junk mail.

Tidy your kitchen:

Kitchen cleaning is not as tough as it seems. Keep wipes and clean napkins handy in a cupboard or drawer in the kitchen. When you notice a spill on your refrigerator shelf, wipe it off immediately. While you are at it, check for any expired products or anything that you will not be reusing and toss them in the bin. Use a wet wipe to quickly clean any finger print or stains on the kitchen cabinet.

It is advisable to clean up the hob every time you finish cooking. This will ensure that the dirt and grime does not collect and moreover the earlier you clean it the easier it is to wipe off any dirt. Clean utensils as you cook; this ensures that the dirty dishes don’t pile up. Wherever possible you can use the same utensil to cook two different dishes.

Dust away:

If you are too tied up for a complete dusting of the house, then use the vacuum cleaner every weekend to dust the curtains, blinds and carpets. If tea or coffee accidentally spills onto the carpet use a wet wipe it off immediately. You can also use diluted detergent and a microfiber to clean off any stains on upholstery or carpets.


Good, effective cleaning products make for a happy cleaning event. Other than the freshness that comes with the use of cleaning products – it helps getting rid of stubborn stains, saving you time.

Before you hit the bed:

Before you go to sleep, spend five minutes tidying up any mess that has been created. Clear the dining table, put the remote control into the designated place, place the cushions orderly on the sofa, fold away the newspapers and magazines. Get these done on a daily basis and you will be glad to walk into a neat house after work the next day!

Creating a home cleaning routine for the week will help you set your priorities right. You can also assign a task to each family member. Change the duties each week so that your kids or husband does not get bored of doing the same task each week. So, keeping your house clean makes it looks welcoming when you return back from a tired day at work.

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