First, let’s take a look at the ways and options to get rid of the dirt from the carpets and the rugs. 

It’s essential to pre-vacuum before the deep cleaning process. This will help you to reduce the amount of bigger sand particles, food crumbs and other blemishes, and it’s also essential to change the bag of the vacuuming machine. Consult the label of the carpet to see whether there is a need to reduce the suction power of the machine or maybe to change the nozzle. Try to vacuum the entire surface of the rug and it’s quite easier when it’s a small to medium sized rug. For bigger rugs and carpets that cover the floor in the entire room – maybe a great idea is to pre-vacuum only a half of the rug, deep clean it, and then repeat the procedure with the other half of the rug.

When it’s time for deep cleaning  you can take a pick from a vast array of cleaning solutions and systems.

Hot water cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled spots, while you can also use a dry foaming compound if you don’t want to deal with a drying time. Try to avoid deep cleaning with a hot-steam machine because it uses over 100 degrees Celsius heated steam, which can damage the delicate long fibres of the rugs. Especially if you have to clean old, Oriental or handmade rugs, just avoid the steam cleaning system in order to eliminate the chance of dryness, discolouration, shrinking of the fibres, etc.

After complete drying of the surfaces  it’s time to protect your carpets and rugs by spraying a protective solution. 

It acts as a sealer for the fibres and so it adds an extra barrier between the microorganisms, unhealthy bacteria and pollens. On the other hand, carpets and rugs coated by a protective spray are usually more forgiving of the heavy foot traffic, which usually appears at only some areas of the surface.

To make your beautiful floor coverings truly invulnerable to stains avoid exposing them on a direct sunlight. 

The powerful summer sunshine, for example, can cause discolouration, dryness and staining of the areas, where the sunlight penetrates through the room and it beats down onto the specific carpet area. Another great idea is to rotate the rugs at least twice a year. This will ensure an even exposure of the areas, which see the heaviest root traffic or perhaps the areas, which are lit by a direct sunlight. Rotating floor coverings also ensures a better and easier cleansing of all the corners and areas when vacuuming periodically. Some rugs and carpets have beautiful two-sided faces, and therefore, don’t forget to turning them from time to time. Cleaning, sanitising and exposing their backings ensures an even wear of all the areas and corners, while in the meantime it prevents the carpets from getting dirt and stains always at the same spots.

Prepare yourself a couple of useful homemade detergents just in case. 

They may become truly useful in some early morning situations when drinking coffee or tea maybe. A simple solution of water, white vinegar, soap or another degreaser can really save the situation in some extreme unexpected cases. The yet simple and easy homemade solutions can deal with the heaviest stains and blemishes as well. For this, you may need only as stiff brush for spot cleaning. Get a small bowl with hot water, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and dishwashing detergent, stir well and apply the mixture onto the stain. Rub thoroughly until a foam appears. Let it soak up and dissolve the dirt for a few minutes and then just dabbing might be enough to get rid of the stain.